Callbox is a recognized authority in IT lead generation and appointment setting. With over 9 years experience under our belt coupled with the cutting-edge call center technology and top-notch marketing talents, we are more than capable of generating qualified selling opportunities for companies providing Telecommunication products and services.

By outsourcing lead generation and appointment setting to us, you can generate more sales leads and appointments with high profile business decision makers without the hassles of cold-calling, sending emails, and what not.

bullet-arrowSpare the headache of managing an in-house staff.

bullet-arrowSave big on marketing costs.

bullet-arrowGain access to specialized skills.

bullet-arrowGive your business the competitive advantage.

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Sales-qualified leads and B2B appointment

Sales-qualified leads and B2B appointments

Vast database of business contacts

Vast database of business contacts

A comprehensive portfolio of IT sales and marketing solutions

A comprehensive portfolio of IT sales and marketing solutions


Quite simply, we contact potential customers, qualify them against your criteria, and hand them over to your sales team for closing.

Bearing in mind your ideal-customer criteria, we segment our database and create a list of potential contacts. We then run a targeted email blast, set up an online lead capture form, and set up an outbound telemarketing campaign to introduce your business, ask qualifying questions, and extend an invitation to meet with you. Each call is being recorded for qualification purposes. Our quality assurance analyst then listens to and reviews each recorded call to verify the appointment. Once verified, the appointment appears on your calendar, along with an email notification. Two days before the meeting, we contact the prospect to confirm and finalize the appointment.

Trust us; it’s much simpler than it looks. And more importantly, it works.


Multichannel ApproachMultichannel Approach


Guarenteed Quality services at global delivery centersGuaranteed Quality services at global delivery centers

Highly skilled marketing workforceHighly skilled marketing workforce

High-end technology and call center infrastructuresHigh-end technology and call center infrastructures

Time zone advantage with 24/7 live supportTime zone advantage with 24/7 live support

Generating telecom leads and appointments is a complex process which takes weeks and even months to complete. Not to mention the staggering amount of work it requires just to reach qualified decision makers – perhaps too much work for your inside sales team to still have the time and energy for tasks that really matter: meeting clients and closing deals.

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